The blood flows like a river. Who mosquitoes bite most and why

The blood flows like a river. Who mosquitoes bite most and why

Mosquitoes are insects annoying, but with its own characteristics. For example, it is known that females are bloodsuckers like sting mostly women and ladies mostly stay on blondes.

With mosquitoes all face — at least once in life, but everyone has heard the characteristic squeak in the air in the dark of night, when I go to bed. He foretells that a possible attack of these small blood-sucking. Meeting with the mosquitoes for many turns to unpleasant consequences. And in some regions of Russia and even the invasion of these insects makes normal life a living hell and nightmare. About what is fraught with mosquitoes to humans and how they can be addressed so as not to hurt yourself, read the material Aephi.

Who bites

It is understood that mosquitoes bite people, and quite a specific purpose — usually sting people females in order to provide nourishment for their eggs. Males mosquitoes, as a rule, satisfied with the vegetarian menu — the juice of the plants and the pollen of flowers. Females also like this option is not acceptable, because such food they have lost the ability to lay eggs. From the amount of blood consumed and the possibility of updating the stock will directly affect the number of offspring. One clutch of 30-150 eggs and produce their offspring, the female mosquito again in 2-3 days.

Whom to choose

This is a proven fact — the mosquitoes do not bite everyone. They, like true gourmets, have their own preferences and predilections. There are a number of assumptions, which female mosquitoes can pick out the victim. One of them is blood. After all, mosquitoes are interested in a protein that is in the blood of a certain group — and often we are talking about first. Also mosquitoes can attract representatives from the third group of blood, but the second like these bloodsuckers less.

There is also a version that mosquitoes attracted by the smell of carbon dioxide that the person exhales. So the more you breathe, the more likely it is to obtain a characteristic bite. It is believed that for this reason — more frequent breathing — under the gun often children.

Interesting to mosquitoes can be and smells — as a result of metabolism. Than it is faster the higher the temperature of the blood, the intensity gets the smell of acid uric and lactic, as well as increasing the smell of ammonia and sweat. All this is extremely like Komarin.

The smell of alcohol also makes a person attractive victim. It is not only the “flavor” of ethanol, but the increase in body temperature on the background of his admission literally call the females to eat.

At risk are also pregnant ladies. They also have a greater body temperature by increasing blood volume and accelerate the current it through the vessels, because of this, and more breathing.

What is dangerous bites

And nothing was in the clash between man and mosquitoes alone would have filled, the other wouldn’t notice — if a mosquito bites would not be a threat. Though not for everyone. Some people have a predisposition to an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

The thing is that in the time of the bite, the mosquito starts the saliva with protein structures that help and hinder blood clotting. This is necessary so that people do not have time to notice it certain times and not destroyed. This protein is for the human body the primary irritation and the body begins to intensify, to promptly withdraw it and to minimize harm. Against this background and develops the same characteristic response. Anna Shalaeva, allergist, explains what you should pay attention to and in what situations should urgently seek medical attention:

Allergic to mosquito bites can manifest as severe itching or blister, and it can be growing and evolving into the drain spot, occupying the entire surface of the skin. This happens, for example, if a mosquito bite in the arm or leg. The reaction can also be the part of the nervous system is a and vomiting, nausea, up to anaphylactic shock and loss of consciousness. Such manifestations tend to occur in adults. Children are often limited to increased blister and itch.Anna Soleuvre-allergist

Unexpected reaction to a mosquito bite may develop if it was climate change, for example, when a sharp change of time zones because of the presence of comorbidities, changes in the immune system. Often this problem develops on the background of the worms. In adults, excessively active reaction can develop in the presence of malignant tumors.

If an adult gets that kind of reaction, when the swelling and blister increase, disturbed mood, there have been problems with consciousness, it is necessary to provide first aid is to give an antihistamine, to put on the bite the cold and put a bandage to prevent the spread of the reaction further. For children first aid can be receiving antihistamines and may also apply cold when needed.

If the active reaction takes place during the day, or symptoms increase: increases the itching, the blister increases, there are some new spots, swelling, spreading, joined by other symptoms, then it is necessary to contact the doctor. While maintaining the blister in a week or the appearance in its place of the seal is also well worth a visit. To see a doctor, it is necessary for the reason that severe local reactions require therapy with hormonal ointments, and assign it can only specialist. If excessively active reaction develops during the first days and not abating, need emergency assistance in the form of either a shot of adrenaline or a shot of prednisone. And then, and then is entered either in the bite or by intramuscular injection, so that the body is completely thrown power to stop this hypervariable antibodies on the entry of the allergen into the body.

How to escape

If there is a predisposition to allergies to mosquito bites, you should examine their habits and preferences. For example, the mosquitoes love the humidity. That is why a lot of them where damp and heat are optimal for their parameters: +16 degrees and humidity of 80-90%. This means that in the days any prolonged rains, storms and floods, the chance of a flood of blood-sucking insect grows significantly.

Negative for mosquitoes are:

  • Temperature is +28 and above — they can’t be active in such conditions
  • The air temperature is below +12 — they can neither fly nor to bite in such situations

Naturally, to live in perfect conditions. So you have to choose different options of struggle. But here, we should try not to make mistakes, not to harm your body.

So, in first place among the protective agents are chemicals in the form of repellents. This is a special liquid that is packaged in cartridges and fed under pressure. It should be applied to the skin and to be updated every 3-4 hours. If you follow the instructions:

  • Apply without enthusiasm
  • Gently smear on the skin
  • Before going to bed to flush it with the skin
  • Use in accordance with the age indicated on the label
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using the drug

Anything terrible did not happen. Of course, do not spray these chemicals into the eyes, mouth and ears. So, they should be kept away from of reach of small children.

Also as a protective means are available insect repellents in the form of ointments. The principle is the same, only form of issue is different. The main thing — to follow all the same rules.

For children, the perfect solution is a special bracelet, impregnated with repellent. But it is important to understand that this tool should not be used in babies in the age when all pulling in the mouth.

Animals — a tool that protects from over a large area, for example, in the room. These are the devices that render mosquitoes nerve impact. Work with plates or liquid, when heated, emit insecticide. Such protection may be enough for 30 or more nights. When using such a device in the room must be open. In this case, the accumulation of insecticides is not happening, and they stand out in amounts harmless to humans.

If there is a distrust of chemicals, you can connect a traditional medicine. For example, the excellent solution would be an oil burner, oil of Basil, geranium, eucalyptus, tea tree, citrus of all kinds. This composition for humans will not. You can also try to put on a saucer of cotton wool with camphor. Unexpected repellant is vanilla. It can be dissolved in water and sprayed as a room and the human body.