US coalition has begun the second phase of the operation in Syria

US coalition has begun the second phase of the operation in Syria

WASHINGTON, 3 Aug — RIA Novosti. The coalition led by the US and its allies in Syria is “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS) and the Iraqi military has begun the second phase of the military operation on the border of Syria and Iraq against the “Islamic state” called “round-up” (eng. Roundup), according to the coalition on Sunday.

In late April, the coalition headed by the USA on fighting with IG group* announced the completion of major combat operations against terrorists in Iraq. Now coalition forces are focusing on “training and development of self-sufficient capabilities of Iraq’s security”.

The press service of the coalition also issued a statement with reference to the representatives of the SDS, which claimed that “the IG maintains a large presence on the Syrian border with Iraq, where it (the group) wants to find a safe haven.” In the result, it was decided to launch the operation “round-up”, which started on 1 may. According to representatives of the SDS, which leads the coalition, “despite the significant losses, the IG retains the possibility to plan and coordinate attacks in the region and the countries of the coalition”.

“Syrian democratic forces began ground operations the second phase of the operation “round-up” to defeat the remnants of ISIS in northeast Syria today,” the statement said of the coalition. “Offensive ground troops VTS aimed at cleansing from IG, supported by air and coordinated transnational coalition strikes and blows our Iraqi partners: the Iraqi air force and artillery of the Iraqi army, located near the border, continues in the message.

“Iraqi security forces also intensified their presence on the border to prevent the escape of members of ISIS from Syria to Iraq,” continued the coalition.