Cat Gravel celebrated 137 years in human terms

Cat Gravel celebrated 137 years in human terms

Perhaps he is the oldest cat in the world.

Cat Gravel celebrated his 30th birthday with a trip to the clinic to measure blood pressure. This fluffy Maine Coon, possibly the oldest cat in the world, by human standards, his age is equal to 137 years, reports the Daily Mail.

Oldest cat in the world turns 30!

— Julio Lopez, DVM (@ExpertVet) 2 Jun 2018

Also gave him a favorite food. Mistress Michelle Heritage living with a pet in Exeter, Devon, England. “He’s a lovely cat, but got a little grumpy in your old age,” says Michelle. Now the woman is 50 years old, but the kitten she had taken when she was 20. Perhaps he had so long lived, because it regularly goes for medical check-UPS. In chips there are problems with blood pressure, but otherwise still quite fresh and strong cat.

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