Users of social networks found brawny cat

Users of social networks found brawny cat

He’d be the envy of even the young Schwartz.

Twitter actively discussing a large striped cat from Canada, who was nicknamed Buff Cat — cat-Jock — because of the huge muscle. The video, which was spread on social networks, the cat walks down the street, swaying from foot to foot.

here’s a video of the buff cat

— buff cat (@officialbuffcat) May 28, 2018

The owner of canadian cat said that his pet, regular pet, very affectionate and often purrs when it is stroked.

Veterinarians suggest that the muscles of the cat was the result of a rare muscular anomaly. Pathology usually appears due to the absence or mutation of a gene responsible for the production of the protein myostatin.

— Chvostek (@petexperiment) June 1, 2018

This cat has won the hearts of users of social networks. He called the new Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.