Trump called the fabrication “Russian business”

Trump called the fabrication “Russian business”

Moscow. June 1. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. President Donald trump on Friday called the case a fabrication about the alleged collusion between members of his campaign and representatives of the Russian government, noting that this investigation has already cost the US $17 million.

“AP (Associated Press) has just reported that fabricated by the Russian investigation of the cost of our administration is already in $17 million, and this figure is growing rapidly”, — the President wrote in his microblog on “Twitter”.

“No conspiracy was not, (the agreement was — if) only between the Democrats,” trump added.

Spectacular USA Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation of alleged Russian interference in the elections in 2016, and possible relations campaign headquarters of the President of trump with Moscow. Russia rejects accusations of meddling in the American elections.

HelpWhat you need to know about the investigation of the relations of the President of the United States with Russia

Even Donald trump.

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