Media: Pentagon wants to upgrade the plane “judgment day”

Media: Pentagon wants to upgrade the plane “judgment day”

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defense is going to proceed with the modernization of the Boeing E-4B, also known as the plane “judgment day”, reports RT with reference to the relevant contract.

The Pentagon is seeking a contractor who will develop software and will provide the Board a modern nuclear and communication systems. The company-the contractor will conduct flight tests of the upgraded systems that are needed to correct problems not discovered during ground checks.

Employees who will be engaged in the support and modernization of the ship must have access to the highest level of secrecy. It is expected that the modernization project will start in early 2019.

The plane “doomsday” for the US President, defense Minister and other members of American senior management. It can be used as a command post in the face of a nuclear conflict, if a land management structure destroyed or damaged.

The liner may be in the air for a whole week, provided aerial refueling. The equipment installed on the E-4B, is protected from the destructive factors of an atomic explosion.