“I survived, and it’s a miracle”

“I survived, and it’s a miracle”

Moscow vigilantes took Ozzy Osbourne plumbing in a drinking bout.

June 1 in the “Olympic” (Moscow) and 3 June in “the ice Palace” (St. Petersburg) concerts of Ozzy Osbourne. It’s the farewell world tour, which went the Greatest and most Terrible king of heavy metal.

People always ask me about retirement. This will be my last world tour, but maybe someday I’ll give a couple of concerts.Ozzy Osbourne

Along with Ozzy, the stage is a magnificent guitarist Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), bassist Rob Nicholson (Danzig, Rob Zombie), drummer Tommy Clufetos (Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath), keyboardist Adam Wakeman (son of Rick Wakeman, Black Sabbath, Headspace, Rick Wakeman). Before the concert in Moscow the special correspondent of”.ru” Peter, Kamenchenko spoke with Ozzy Osbourne and remembered a funny story from a past life.

In the summer of 1989 I was fortunate to work at the Grand rock festival, held at the Grand sports arena “Luzhniki”. Neither before nor after that, Russia was not going at the same time on the same stage as many of the stars of the first magnitude, and even who was then in the rock n ‘ roll juice. Thanks Stas Namin, who stirred up some business with the famous promoter Don McGee, arrived in Moscow Skid Row, Cinderella, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, the Scorpions and Ozzy Osbourne.

Officially, the event was called “the Moscow international peace festival” unofficially “Rock against drugs”, more informally — “Bees against honey”. It is worth Recalling that a pandemic of hard drugs had already thoroughly thin out West rock, and got to perestroika the USSR, where he found new victims. Many wrestlers with the “foolishness” had considerable personal experience of expanding consciousness. Not to mention alcohol — Russian vodka was in that year, as a global trend, like Gorbachev, perestroika and glasnost. Wind of Changes! So the atmosphere at the festival was the rock-n-roll. Live fast — die young! Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll! Well, everything…

Ozzy Osbourne all the above rock standards match perfectly: looked half-dead, malumanay on stage got out with difficulty, moved around the court like a paralyzed zombie, and it was shot down by the guards.

Shovels notions of the atmosphere at the festival was sverhtehnologichny. The police and the unfortunate conscripts BB how to behave in accuracy did not know, and therefore hunted smiled and waited for the top teams. Team of all knitting, however, was delayed. Had to endure and smile, especially the media unprecedented hitherto badges “Pass everywhere” (All access). It was such a magical badge I had.