The alleged organizer of the “murder” Babchenko was previously convicted of forgery

The alleged organizer of the “murder” Babchenko was previously convicted of forgery

Moscow. June 1. INTERFAX.RU — the Suspect in the organization “murder” of the journalist Arkady Babchenko Executive Director of “Ukrainian-German joint venture (UNSP) “Schmeisser” (Vyshneve, Kyiv region), Boris Herman is held as a suspect in another criminal case on illegal exception of the number of participants, UNSP owner 40% and is accused of forgery.


According to our database of court decisions, the senior investigator of the investigative Department of the Kyiv city police Department Chief Directorate of National police in the Kiev region petitioned the court on house arrest by the Executive Director that, according to the investigation, in mid-December, 2016 was made to the minutes of the meeting untruthful data.

In accordance with the data of the state register, the sole owner 10% in UNSP “Schmeisser” is Boris Herman.

The investigator also accused the 10% participant that, together with the owner at the time a 50% stake and Director of UNSP Antonina Kapilan they spent without a quorum, the meeting and illegally expelled from the owner of 40% of Valeriy Pavlyuk, who became the initiator of this criminal case initiated in September 2017.

The court, having considered this petition on 4 April 2018, its definition applied to the suspect a measure of restraint in the form of personal commitment. The validity of the definition was set to 27 may this year.

In court materials it is said that Herman acquired a 10% share of UNSP “Schmeisser” value of 68.5 thousand UAH in December 2015 Kapylan when it sold a 40% stake Pavlyuk.

Charges against Antonina Kapilan

According to our database of court decisions, accusations Kapilan more serious. In particular, it is suspected in fraudulent misappropriation in 2015, $63,8 thousand two physical persons, and also to 320 thousand UAH at the “welfare Fund of veterans of war and participants of anti-terrorist operation” and 1.1 million UAH from the state of emergency “Marcon”.