Fit “happy mosquito”: a story of rescue Il-38 aircraft

Anti-submarine Il-38N aircraft

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

It was the fourth hour test flight of the Il-38SD over the suburbs. The plane had already dived under the grey cloud of the sea closer to the ground to check the output chassis. The two main landing went normally, but the front did not work even in case of emergency release. The crew made the decision to develop fuel and to sit down before dark. From that moment began one of the most unusual landings in the recent history of Russian aviation.

28 APR aircraft successfully landed the aircraft Il-38SD with unreleased the front of the chassis. The crew carried out a planned test flight, but before landing, it became clear that the front Desk is left in broom-clean condition. Later, the experts conducting the flight, received the award.

Aviators in detail the people and told TASS that and what happened that day.

Graceful plane

Turboprop anti-submarine Il-38 — the heir to one of the most reliable Soviet aircraft Il-18. On the instructions of the Navy, designers have placed it in the search and destruction of submarines.