Meme about a love triangle in the bus struck the Americans

Meme about a love triangle in the bus struck the Americans

Popular in Runet the photograph of the girl sitting on the lap of a guy holding another’s hand, got on an international imageboard Reddit. Meme about the “love triangle” has become very popular abroad.

The picture was posted on Twitter on may 25, a girl named Christina. It quickly spread on the Runet, once in a lot of public in Vkontakte social network and entertainment portal peek-a-Boo.

I thought this only happens on the Internet

— I’m Kristina (@sbmdss) 25 may 2018

Users called it an illustration of “maximal level of the friend zone” and compared this situation with the love triangle of poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and Brik’s family.

— ali_bOnd (@Makavchik15) may 28, 2018

— the leader of the MOP (@clernenza) 25 may 2018

A few days later the photo appeared on Reddit with the caption “It’s complicated”. For a few hours, the publication became one of the most popular, with nearly 20 thousand plus several hundred comments. Users offered their version of events. “My first thought is a mentally retarded brother, who is afraid of people or buses. In General, I’m a bastard, so it must be true,” — said in comments the user under the name bisjac. With his opinion agreed more than six thousand people. “The guy and girls are the same chin and nose, so guess what a brother,” said the user DocMerlin.

But not all were inclined to justify kinship ties such a situation. “First in my head came the idea of polyamory,” — said one commenter. Some users had developed a conspiracy theory: “Maybe someone died and they want to be closer to each other. That explains the look on their faces,” suggested one of them. “Always go to the funeral in Adidas,” joked another. “All black, this Adidas sorrow,” — supported his third.

Some, inspired by this idea, decided to demonstrate their literary talents. “It starts to rain. When the undertakers start to throw earth into the grave, he raises his hands to the sky… and with the power of hundreds of their Slavic ancestors screaming…” wrote one commenter. Readers the idea enthralled: “This is the most Russian thing I have ever read”, they said.