In Syria revealed the plan of the “third offensive of ISIS in Palmyra”

In Syria revealed the plan of the “third offensive of ISIS in Palmyra”

The rebels will be able to take the ancient city, but only if the Syrian Arab army will leave the road of HOMS — Palmyra.


IG (banned in Russia) attacked the Syrian Arab army (SAA) near Badia, trying to break through to Palmyra, reported on 30 may, some Arabic-language media. The Syrian government army later denied the information about the third major offensive on the ancient city. The source of the “Storm” in Syria found that in Badia fighters try to find weak spots of the defense of the CAA, to try again to capture Palmyra. He told me some substantial aid to the Syrian army have the local Bedouins.

Under the control of the IG in Syria remained one Vilayet — administrative unit of a terrorist “Caliphate” — Badia. The region is located near the Syrian-Iraqi border and is a desert area stretching several hundred kilometers up to 100 kilometers in width. In this desert are extremely rare small villages of two or three houses of the Bedouin shepherds.

What media dubbed the “third attack on Palmyra,” according to the source, actually consists of a few attacks, which ended with clashes of insurgents with government forces. The collision was not serious from the point of view of the breakthrough of the front.

“The terrorists are divided into small groups, did the maneuver 20-30 kilometers South of the station T4. They attacked the position of the CAA in six points, including the so-called abandoned garrison in the village of Sharif, told the source. — However, given that now the troops of the IG not as well equipped as before, these attacks were successfully repulsed.”

According to the source, the terrorists understand that “just so” they will not take the Palmyra, however, not ready to completely abandon this idea. “The terrorists are testing the waters for a possible attack on the ancient city. It would be a great opportunity once again to demonstrate its vitality and power, — explained the source. — [For the capture of Palmyra] you need to go on the road of HOMS — Palmyra in the area of the base of T4. Then you will be able to storm the city from two directions: East side of Deir-ez-Zor and from the West side of HOMS.”


The command of the Syrian Arab army are well aware of the danger such a maneuver of ISIS and doing some preparation. In addition to the many outposts scattered across the desert around Palmyra within a hundred kilometers of the Syrian intelligence agencies have established a system of notification through agents in Bedouin enclaves that report every suspicious pickup truck that appears near their villages, the source of the “Storm”. “So far, data on a large-scale revitalization of the IG and the collection organized force to attack from the agents didn’t arrive”, — he said.

It Bedouins played a crucial role in repelling attacks of ISIS South of Deir-ez-Zor at the end of may, when killed four Russian military. “Victims could be much more if not for informants from among the Bedouins who knew of the impending attack, — said the source. He said that the Bedouins reported a column of terrorists in which were some pickups, covered with clay to blend in with the sand. Military intelligence is unlikely to be detected by the militants, using drones, said the source.

Palmyra was in the hands of the IG from may 2015 through March 2016. Terrorists destroyed many historic monuments in the ancient city and looted the local museums. Particularly brutal the terrorists were in the massacre of the keepers of the local museums. So, August 18, 2015 the bandits executed 83-year-old Syrian archaeologist Khalid Asaad, who refused to tell them where he was hidden valuable Museum exhibits. In March 2016 the CAA with the help of Russian troops liberated the city, but in December 2016, he again passed into the hands of ISIS. Finally Palmyra was released in the spring of 2017.