FSB and the interior Ministry stopped the supply of weapons in 14 regions of Russia

FSB and the interior Ministry stopped the supply of weapons in 14 regions of Russia

MOSCOW, may 31. /TASS/. FSB together with the Ministry of interior conducted a large-scale operation against the underground gunsmiths to curb the channels of illegal arms supplies to Russia. As reported TASS in the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB, may 29 in 14 regions of the country carried out quickly-search activities and investigative actions in respect of 32 the citizens involved in the acquisition, production, modernization and sales of weapons.

The result is seized 83 firearms (machine guns RPK, Degtyarev, “MG-34”; AK-103, AK-74, AK-47, pistols-machine guns “PPP”, “MT-38” rifles and carbines SVD, Mosin, Mauser, Winchester, TOZ, pistols and revolvers of PM, TT, Colt, Walter, Stalker, Tangfolio, Smit&Visson, system of a Revolver), 19 fragmentation hand grenades, three mortar mines, 23 of the fuse of various modifications, about 4 thousand cartridges of various caliber, more than 5 kg of gunpowder, 12 devices for silent shooting, the main parts for the manufacture of more than 30 weapons, components (bullets, casings, primers) and equipment for the manufacture of munitions.

“Discontinued operations four clandestine sweatshops in the modernization of weapons and manufacture of ammunition on the territory of Moscow, Novgorod and Tver regions. Detained a citizen of Russia, who was on the Federal wanted list”, — reported in TSOs FSB.

Currently, additional operational and search activities and investigative actions in relation to detainees, the establishment of criminal relations, as well as facts possible involvement in the Commission of other illegal acts.