Russian scientists create super-fast charging laser. What we know about her?

Russian scientists create super-fast charging laser. What we know about her?

In Russia, developed a technology of charging a laser for drones (as well as smartphones and satellites). Charging in the air while is very expensive, but may be of interest to Western technogiant. Hi-Tech talked to the founders of the project and learned about the uniqueness of the technology and why it does not want to use it in Russia.

The development of laser charge employees are engaged in rocket-space Corporation “Energiya” named after Korolev. They have allocated several rooms with equipment of the laboratory in which the technology of sawing in his spare time. There are other projects, which in a few years, possibly, will be involved during space travel.

The electricity in the air

Wireless energy transmission by laser radiation — the official name of the technology invented by the group of engineers and programmers.

The “charge” consists of a receiver, laser source, optical system and tracking.

Spare parts for the system were collected in different countries. Optics engineers took the Russian, the laser itself is German, the batteries came from China. The result was a charger with a capacity of up to 500 watts.

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“Unmanned aerial vehicles have insufficient time of flight [about 40 minutes], — explains Vitaly Kapranov, one of the authors of the project. — The installation can charge them with a laser beam directly during the flight when the drone is at a distance of 1 km.”

To the drone charged, the engineers attach to it a Chinese receiver-transducer of laser radiation. The laser radiation beam shines up and gets to the receiver, so the radiation is converted into electricity, which is literally in the air. In the traffic guidance system cuffs his beam followed the drone.

According to Kapranov, to fully charge the drone can last five minutes. “We regularly carry out tests on the French quadrocopter Parrot AR. Drone, tested guidance and the batteries, but to the ending still far away,” — says the inventor.

Components, test and Refine the technology already spent about 15 million rubles. Own money team members, and various research grants.

Why you need a charging laser
Technology can be a variety of uses, for example, to conduct rescue operations. The drone will be able to examine the rubble and find people for 24 hours with laser charging. Or fly over the burning of forests, scouting the situation for firefighters. Or working as a waiter, delivering plates of food to hungry visitors (and why not).

By charging through the air ensures the safety of the quadcopter — it is not necessary constantly to put. “Landing is the risk, because the device can steal can be bad weather, which at planting will result in damage or even loss of the drone,” — says Vitaliy Kapranov.

Charge you smart phones and satellites.

The authors consider the technology that, theoretically, their charging could be used not only for UAVs, but also for smartphones, for artificial satellites.