In the UK the abolition of anonymity on the Internet

In the UK the abolition of anonymity on the Internet

MOSCOW, may 29 — RIA Novosti. It is necessary to abolish the anonymity of the Internet in Russia, and registered users to give access to additional free content, said an employee of the Main Department of criminalistics of the Investigative Committee Sergey Korotkov.

“Following (the proposal), which will cause the most controversy, is the abolition of anonymity in the Russian segment of the Internet, to streamline the process of registration in social networks to impose the duty of use of reliable data allowing to identify the user’s identity from the time of activation of the account,” said Short during his speech at the roundtable “the Right of the child to information” in the press center MIA “Russia today”.

According to him, the user feels unpunished, hiding behind anonymity, can afford to deviate from the norms of morality, to do things that to him in another environment would be ashamed to commit.

“Arguments that the measure violates the freedom, I think is unsound, since in this situation should proceed from the principle of “any freedom ends where another’s rights begin person,” said Short.

Any restrictive measures by the state will cause dissatisfaction, so you should take alternative measures to increase their attractiveness.