Bin Laden returns. Who claims to be the main terrorist in the world

Bin Laden returns. Who claims to be the main terrorist in the world

MOSCOW, may 30 — RIA Novosti, Igor Gashkov. One of the leaders of “al-Qaeda” *, son and heir of the terrorist number one Osama bin Laden, Hamza plans to overthrow the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, the seizure of Islam’s holiest sites — the cities of Mecca and Medina and threatened to retaliate against the West for his father. That is capable of Hamza bin Laden — in the material RIA Novosti.

The son of the father

The millionaire-jihadist Osama bin Laden was at least twenty children. But Hamza, the only son of the third wife of the founder of “al-Qaeda” * Hirii Sabar, was his childhood favorite. Bin Laden appreciated the religious fanaticism of his mother, and the boy, brought up in the proper spirit from a young age used in Islamist propaganda.

At the beginning of the tenth, when the initiative in the jihadist movement have moved to IG* the son of former terrorist number one has disappeared from the information field. It was assumed that he was dead. However, in 2015, Hamza bin Laden reminded myself to include a video message in the Internet. It became clear that he occupied a key place in the hierarchy, “al-Qaeda” * — at the right hand of its aging leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

“Hamza was stripped of citizenship, he is a terrorist”

In no other country in the world that has not raised such concerns, as in Saudi Arabia. Returning to the struggle for power Hamza bin Laden called on the tribes of the country to revolt against the monarchy and the transition to the side of its military opponent — one of the rebel groups in Yemen. In Riyadh carried out moderately liberal reforms, causing the resistance of the conservatives. Ultra-conservative Hamza with a call to draw the arms against the authorities further aggravated the situation.

“In Saudi Arabia, this man, Hamza bin Laden, mention must be added that he was a terrorist. And constantly stressed: he Saud by birth, deprived of citizenship,” — said RIA Novosti Professor Gregory RSUH Kosach.

According to him, in the society of Saudi Arabia is preserved tribal structure, so the call to the tribes of the revolt is not devoid of meaning. However, the expert hopes that bin Laden Jr. Saudis will not listen.

According to first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin, Riyadh may the wrath of the tribes, though it is unclear whether they will want to negotiate with bin Laden. “The actual head of the Kingdom Prince Muhammad bin Salman is ruled by a heavy hand — recently arrested many Saudi princes. These representatives of the dynasty through the female line come from different tribes. Polygamy in the Royal family was dictated by political reasons: the state founder Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud married the women of many tribes to strengthen the unity of the country. As a result of his grandchildren, cousins, sorry each to his tribe. The conflict between them threatens the stability of the state,” Makarkin believes.

Iran is accused. Iran denies

Vnutrisosudistye contradictions affect the greater middle East. The heir to the throne of Riyadh Muhammad bin Salman convinced that Hamza bin Laden secretly sided with Tehran and get help. “The son of Osama bin Laden — the new head of “al-Qaeda” *. He lived in Iran, and now operates outside of this country. But he still support”, — believes the second man in the Kingdom. In the opinion of the Prince, calls for insurrection and the overthrow of the monarchy in Saudi Arabia is beneficial only to the Persians. Tehran categorically denies.

It is known for one thing: Hamza bin Laden for some time really was in Iran under house arrest. The circumstances under which a terrorist was captured and as their freedom, open sources are not reported.

The heir to the IG *

Return of Hamza bin Laden in the greater middle East policy coincides with the decline of IG *, has been defeated in Iraq and Syria. Frustrated fighters scattered throughout the Muslim world, and many are obviously looking for a new leader. In these conditions, “al-Qaeda” may get an advantage over IG * due to operational leadership changes. Not excluded and a gradual merging of the groups.