Yuri Ushakov: Russia want to impose an American football politics

Yuri Ushakov: Russia want to impose an American football politics

Russia is trying to impose American football in politics, but few who can and wants to play it, said the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov in his speech on “Acceptance readings”.

He recalled that at the SPIEF President Vladimir Putin compared sanctions with the game of football according to the rules of judo. “From myself I would add that I think we are all trying to impose American football. But let’s face it, colleagues, that few people know how to play it, and most importantly, not everyone wants to play it”, — quotes TASS of Mr. Ushakov.

According to the assistant to the President, replacing traditional diplomacy is increasingly coming from “MIC”, creating “information noise”. “You are every day witnessing how literally fall unproven charges, distorted facts. Moreover, in the course of swearing, insults, and such a dashing splash of expression which a few years ago it was possible to hear, say, only in a well-heated company”, — says Yuri Ushakov.

Also speaking on “Primako readings” the speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko said that NATO is “the block relic of the bipolar era.” In her words, “what provides the security one, in the block of the security model is necessarily a threat to others and security at the expense of others”.