Second attempt. As “Ivan the terrible” will survive the attack vandal

Second attempt. As “Ivan the terrible” will survive the attack vandal

The Tretyakov gallery has estimated the damage from the attack on the painting by Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581”, which is also known as “Ivan the terrible kills his son”, 500 000 rubles. As the vandalism will affect the Russian museums and will have an impact on the audience.


The picture of Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581”, depicting the murder of the king her son, for the second time in the history of the Tretyakov gallery becomes the victim of a vandal attack. In 1913, the painter Abram Balashov struck the canvas a few times with a knife, and damaging the face of the king, and face the Prince. May 25, 2018 37-the summer inhabitant of Voronezh has hit the canvas metal bar fence.

“As a result of the thick glass that protected the work from fluctuations in temperature and humidity conditions, was broken. The picture damaged. Canvas broken in three places in the Central part of the work on the figure of the Prince. From falling glass was badly damaged art frame. By happy coincidence, the most valuable — the images of the faces and hands of the king and the Prince — were not injured,” — said Tretyakov gallery.During the download an error has occurred.

“The damage is significant. There was a serious shedding of the paint layer, the canvas punched through, commented Forbes Life Deputy Director of the scientific and restoration center Grabar Olga Beauty. According to the expert, in this situation it is very important to avoid doubling original canvas when the connection is torn edges restorers have to reinforce the surface of the canvas, to reduce interference in a canvas painting to a minimum.

“In any case, was a masterpiece of Repin, and Repin’s masterpiece will remain,” — said Olga Beauty to the question Forbes Life, does this intervention work identity.

Conservators of the Center Grabar has not yet received from the Tretyakov gallery requests assistance, participation in restoration. Although the historical precedent was: in 1913, the restoration of the cut canvas “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581” led Igor Grabar, Trustee of the Tretyakov gallery, and later the head he created the Central restoration workshops. In 1913, the edges of the cuts on the canvas connected the restorer of oil painting Dmitry Bogoslovsky, who studied in Munich. On recovered canvas by Ilya Repin called in from the country, rewrote the face of the king and the Prince. In the archives of the Grabar Centre is kept thank you letter Repin Theological for the perfect restoration of the canvas.

According to Olga Temerini restoration is not in place. For a hundred years since the first ill-fated restoration of paintings, conservators have developed new techniques and materials. For example, much has changed in the technology of sealing of breakthroughs. Now restorers almost don’t make big patches to the canvas, there was a technique through which could razmochit and re-weave the threads of the canvas. If the restoration in 1913 took a year, then in 2018 it can hold for a few months. The Tretyakov gallery has estimated his losses 500 000.

However, infernal glory to the work of Repin — two attempts on the canvas, the suicide of the writer Vsevolod Garshin, posed for Repin portrait of Ivan the terrible suicide of the Keeper of the gallery in 1913, is able to transform the painting “Ivan Grozny and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581” in the mystical fetish. The Tretyakov gallery is to raise higher in the ranking of the most visited museums of the world (currently, according to The Art newspaper Tretyakov gallery is the third most visited Museum in Russia and the 30th in the world). After all, “Gioconda Leonardo da Vinci became world famous only after she was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, and all Newspapers published pictures of her.