Sanatorium-a visa-free regime

Sanatorium-a visa-free regime

Crimean authorities offer to introduce visa-free regime for foreigners who want to come to Russia for medical treatment, especially in sanatoria and on resorts.

About the initiative told “” the adviser of the head of the Crimea Sergey Strelbitsky. It is expected that foreign patients will be able to be held in Russia for 30 days without registration of entry documents, and then, if necessary, to “medical visa” light pattern. This will support the industry and “will help break the sanctions regime.” The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, “Kommersant” reported that the Ministry jointly with the foreign Ministry already working on a special visa regime for foreigners who wish to be treated in Russia. Tour operators kept while in the assessment number of foreign customers of the Russian complex, but medical tourism in Russia, respondents ‘ b ‘ experts believe perspective and remind you that in Russia there are clinics, comparable to the European.

Adviser to the head of the Crimea Sergey Strelbitsky spoke about the idea of the authorities of the Peninsula at the all-Russian forum “health Resort” in Kislovodsk.

“There is medical tourism industry, the developed countries try to simplify the arrival to him of such people. It seriously adds to the budget, — he said. Unfortunately, our country is not yet on the market. We think now is the time to pay attention to it and to do everything to the citizens of other countries come to us for treatment”.Sergei Strelbitskiy the head of the Crimea

He later revealed to the correspondent of “Kommersant” details of the initiative. “We suggest that foreign nationals who want to be treated in Russia, could visit our country without a visa for a period up to 30 days, — said the adviser to the head of the Crimea.— Of course, with the confirmation that is going to treatment. During this period they may, for example, pass a health course in our sanatoria and health resorts”. For those who need longer treatment, it is proposed to establish a medical visa. “They must be issued according to the simplified scheme, without delay. Six months will suffice for all medical procedures, including rehabilitation, — told mister Strelbitsky.— This possibility is, in Japan, in other developed countries — and it’s time for her to introduce us.”

This initiative will increase the income of the Russian medicine, especially the health resort industry, “and at the same time will help tighten up our institutions to a new level”, said Sergei strelbitskiy: “the Directors of nursing and heads of medical institutions will be guided by international standards, so that it will benefit the Russians”.

He also suggested that the introduction of a visa-free regime “will help break the sanctions regime.” “This is a worthy response to the sanctions on the media war being waged against our country, — he said. Foreigners will see firsthand how we live here. If to speak about Crimea, they convinced themselves that the Crimea is part of Russia”. Mister Strelbitsky sure that this opportunity will be of interest to people abroad, especially in conditions favorable exchange rate.

Co-chair of the “popular front”, the state Duma Deputy Olga Timofeeva said at the forum that the development of sanatorium-resort industry is extremely important to accomplish President Putin tasks to increase the average life expectancy of Russians to 80+ years. “We need to understand what are the problems in legislation, what are the loopholes to bring the situation to a qualitatively new level. In the state Duma is formed on this subject the Advisory Council. Now we write a layer of legislation over the coming years and we need your expert assistance”, — said Ms. Timofeeva to the forum participants.

As reported by “Kommersant” in the Ministry of health, “currently, together with the foreign Ministry the possibility of introduction of a special visa regime for foreign nationals wishing to receive treatment in Russia”.

The completion of the work in the Department is not called, but I think that the initiative of the Crimean authorities “in any way does not contradict” the work of the Ministry of health and Ministry of foreign Affairs.

According to the health Ministry, in 2015, the medical assistance was provided to approximately 33 thousand foreign citizens (about 20 thousand of them are treated in Federal hospitals, and the rest mostly in regional), in 2016 — about 86 thousand (60 thousand in Federal medical institutions), in 2017 — 110 million (more than 80 million in Federal medical institutions). For comparison: according to the Association of health tourism, every year for treatment in foreign clinics (excluding Spa) overseas travel 80-90 thousand Russians.

In the middle of 2017, health Minister Veronika Skvortsova told reporters that come to Russia for the treatment of patients from Germany, Israel, the UK and the USA.

The Minister noted that if previously the particular demand for dental services that were “cheaper than dentistry in these countries”, that is currently in demand as reproductive technology, neurosurgery and orthopedics.

Tour operators have no data about foreign in Russian hospitals, and the number of foreigners who use the services of the Russian complex, they are evaluated only approximately.

According to the FSB border service in 2017 foreign nationals in Russia made 3,8 million tourist trips, or 16.6% more than in 2016.

Assessment of the General Director of tour operator “Dolphin” Sergei Romashkina, in the Russian sanatoria annually stop 5-7 million people, but foreigners account for only 1% of that number, and “basically it is the Russians who moved abroad, or immigrants from the former Soviet Union.”