“Miss Tatarstan” died in the attack

“Miss Tatarstan” died in the attack

KAZAN, may 29 — RIA Novosti. Department of the MIA of Russia in Kazan is conducting official investigation on the application of a local resident, “Miss Tatarstan-2006” Victoria Bulantseva, accusing police officers in the attack on her, said RIA Novosti the representative of the police Department.

As she told Bulanceva in the video, published on social networks, may 23 in the evening she was attacked by the police when she went with her mother on a walk. Close to home they were attacked by three young men who tried to snatch the girl’s phone and bag, twisting the arm. Only when the cries for help gathered passers-by, one of the young people showed the identity of law enforcement officer and explained the reason for the detention that Bulanceva allegedly is in possession of illegal substances. The girl was taken to the police Department where during the inspection no prohibited substances or items she was found.

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After leaving the police Department, Bulanceva passed a medical examination established that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in the emergency room she has recorded injuries and sprain of the arm and shoulder abrasions. The girl claims that the police caused her physical, moral and material damage (was torn gold chain). She insists on bringing police officers to justice.

“Now all circumstances of incident are being investigated, the official inspection in relation to staff. The results of this test will be set as true the version set forth a girl, and how legal and legitimate were the actions of employees”, — said the representative of the Department of internal Affairs of Kazan.