MES changes the form and try to change the contents

MES changes the form and try to change the contents

Firefighters will return to the cap instead of the beret and allow you to employ actors on the ground.

The change of leadership in the EMERCOM of Russia has already led to major changes within the Ministry and in his work. As it became known “Kommersant”, a number of orders and instructions of the former head of Department Vladimir Puchkov, on the uniforms of firefighters and the recruitment of staff, is cancelled. In the near future the MOE are waiting for other changes. The leadership of the Ministry has asked all the heads of regional administrations to submit to the center reports detailing the problems facing the fire service.

On innovation, meaning a return to practices that existed prior to joining the EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, the leadership of the administrations announced on a conference call on may 25. According to interlocutors “Kommersant”, it was held by Alexander Chupriyan, who until his appointment as Minister the former Deputy head of the FSB Evgeny Senichev was in the position of the Deputy Minister, and now became the acting first Deputy head of the emergencies Ministry.

One of the orders of Colonel-General of Chupriyan for return to the uniform cap instead of orange berets. Berets have become mandatory attire when Minister Vladimir Puchkova. “Do not think for a trifle, but nevertheless — to return headdress hat”, — quoted the policy of Alexander Chupriyan the source “b” who heard the speech of the first Deputy of the head of Department on a conference call.

The incident in 2017, the transition from caps to berets, as it turned out, to fire a painful subject.

“The beret was like a red rag to a bull. They took it as complete surrender: victory flooded the military leadership of the Ministry of emergency situations on fire, — said “Kommersant” the firefighter, who asked not to mention his name.— Officers did not wear berets in exchange for a penalty from the authorities. So their abolition has a symbolic meaning: is a signal that the policy is completely changed. So Chupriyan and started with the berets.”

Another order of Alexander Chupriyan for the staffing of fire protection. Under the previous Minister the assignment of new ranks, and recruitment was closed in the Central certification Commission (CAC), which was headed personally by the head of Department. Now, say the informants, this practice decided to end it.

According to them, the meeting Mr. Chupriyan noted that he had reviewed the situation on the reserve of officers and a shortage: “the Deputy Minister said that he was shocked by the number of vacancies and shortage of staff”.