In the mansion of bankrupt millionaire settled hippies

In the mansion of bankrupt millionaire settled hippies

The house cost $13 million want to open “Intergalactic squad and rescue”.

Squatters settled in an abandoned mansion in Majorca costing $13 million, which belongs to Boris Becker. It is reported by The Sun.

Well-known sportsman and former first racket of the world was declared bankrupt in June last year. Villa in Mallorca Becker purchased together with his ex-wife Barbara in the 1990-ies.

44-year-old carpenter George Berres who lived in the house, said that he intends to give new life to an abandoned mansion. He and his friends have uprooted the weeds and took out the trash from the territory. He also spoke about plans for the creation of an organization called “Intergalactic squad and rescue” which will save other abandoned homes.

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“We do not invade homes, we rescue them, we don’t claim to property, we are interested in the free accommodation, not more. In return we give something to your house”, — said Barres in an interview in March of this year.

Berres has its own YouTube channel, where you can see the mansion.

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The police said that does not expel squatters, as complaints from neighbours were reported. The squatters themselves ready to leave the house for the first official request from law enforcement.