Doctor Skrobala said that did not believe in their recovery

Doctor Skrobala said that did not believe in their recovery

LONDON, may 29. /TASS/. The attending physician ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, who suffered in the result of poisoning in the English Salisbury, not counting on the fact that his patients will be able to survive. On Tuesday the Agency reported the Press Association, which published excerpts from a program broadcast Corporation bi-Bi-si Newsnight, the protagonists of which became the doctors of district hospital, Salisbury, involved in the treatment Skrobala. Newsnight will be broadcast on may 29.


“When we first learned that it was a paralytic agent, we thought they will not survive. We’d tried all our methods of treatment,” the doctor said intensive therapy Stephen Jukes, patients who were Skrypali. “We have provided the best clinical care. However, there was every indication that they will not survive,” he added.

Head of ICU Duncan Murray also shared his memories: “I spoke with a nurse on duty [on the day of hospitalization Skrobala], and this was the conversation I never even imagine myself could not”. Christine Blanchard, chief doctor of the hospital in Salisbury, in turn, stressed that doctors have not been long-term forecast of the state of the victims, including a policeman nick Bailey.

The head of the Department of nursing Lorna Wilkinson noted that physicians were concerns as to whether this incident for more victims. “We really didn’t know at the time,” she said.