Why do people sometimes sneeze ten times in a row?

Why do people sometimes sneeze ten times in a row?

Meets Alexander Kuznetsov, the doctor-the therapist of hospital of the branch of GlavUpDK “Medincenter”.

In Ancient Greece, a sneeze was considered a divine sign. It is known that when the Athenian General Xenophon gave a speech, urging his fellow soldiers to fight against the Persians, and in conclusion, sneezed, soldiers believed that since the gods are expressing their solidarity with the words of the speaker. In the early middle Ages people, on the contrary, believed that sneezing can lead to death due to the large amount of exhaled air.

But now know that it is a defensive reaction of the organism to the removal from the upper respiratory tract irritating elements.

Cause irritation can anything: dust, pollen, plants, bright light, expressed by the smells of chemicals and perfumes, polluted air, sudden temperature change, foreign body trapped in the nose.

Simultaneously with the sneezing may develop tissue reaction to irritation: mucous membrane swelling, which again irritates the receptors. Sometimes after a few sneezes tissue reaction reaches the limit, the brain decreases the sensitivity of the receptor and the sneezing stops.

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But usually until the person will not eliminate the cause and clears the nasal passages, and he will reflexively respond to a stimulus. In rare cases, the number of sneezes can reach up to 200 times! Without any cold symptoms.

If this happens not too often, not to worry. But if continuous sneezing habit, you must find the cause and eliminate it. For this we need to pay attention to other symptoms: constant itching in the nasal passages, fever, excessive mucus, watery eyes. If any of these symptoms become constant companions sneeze, then there is a reason to consult a specialist. After repeated sneezing causes not only dissatisfaction, and sometimes even panic in others, but also cause inconvenience to the person. Besides, if the body is constantly something to be protected, so he doesn’t like something. Therefore, it is necessary to fix it.

Typical sneezing and animals. And it is considered that the most often sneezing iguanas. The reasons in this case are the same as in humans.