Ukrainian Admiral claimed it was a “hybrid threat” in the sea of Azov

Ukrainian Admiral claimed it was a “hybrid threat” in the sea of Azov

MOSCOW, may 28 — RIA Novosti. Ukraine should patrol the Azov sea coast to counter the threat from Russia, said in an interview with “Obozrevatel” the former Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine stock Admiral Igor kabanenko.

According to the Admiral, Moscow is conducting naval exercises in the sea of Azov in close proximity to the Ukrainian coast, which is a “provocation” and “hybrid threat of invasion from the sea”.

According to Admiral, the Ukrainian authorities must take responsibility for “preventing the crisis”.

“The first — patrolling the coastal zone, the territorial sea is 12 miles from the coast. Constant patrols of sea protection of state frontier service of Ukraine. It is a deterrent,” said he.

In addition, the Admiral called for the creation of mobile groups of the naval forces. “Yes, they are not super modern, but they can contain a worst-case scenario in coastal waters,” said Kabanenko.

In addition, the Admiral said about the necessity of Ukraine’s cooperation with Western countries on this issue. While Kabanenko recognizes that the cooperation of Kiev with NATO complicated the position of Hungary, which blocks a number of initiatives because of the oppression in Ukraine languages of national minorities.

Earlier, the state border service of Ukraine stated that from April 30 the Russian side in the sea of Azov daily stops for inspection of the court, next to Ukraine. The FSB reported that inspections of ships are conducted in accordance with international law of the sea.