The Meteorologist told me about the wet snow in early summer

The Meteorologist told me about the wet snow in early summer

As told to “the Russian newspaper” the chief specialist meteorologist Marina Makarova, anticyclones guarantee cloudy weather, no precipitation.

Now in Berlin:



759 mm Hg. article

6 m/s

Nights will be comfortable enough for the end of may in Moscow — 5-10, region — 6-11 heat. Monday afternoon is expected to about 20 on Tuesday — 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday may be the warmest day of the week: it is expected that the air warms up 27-29 degrees. But by Friday, the beginning of the calendar summer, warm weather in may can be replaced by a small temperature decrease. But will still be at least 20 heat.

In the West, the North-Western district in Karelia, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions — are still under anticyclonic weather. That is, Sunny, no precipitation. Cool nights — 3-8 degrees, in the afternoon — from 21 to 26 degrees. In the Leningrad region during the night of 5-10 degrees, but Monday afternoon — 20-25 above zero. And on Tuesday — 22-27 degrees.

In the North-East North-West district in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, Komi Republic — the weather is dramatically different: it will rain, at night in places with wet snow. They will bring Arctic cyclone.

In European Russia , too Sunny start to the week, mainly without precipitation under increased atmospheric pressure. Night — 4-11 degrees during the day and 18-20 heat.