The 5 star movement proposes to discuss the impeachment of the President of Italy

The 5 star movement proposes to discuss the impeachment of the President of Italy

ROME, may 27 — RIA Novosti. The leader of the Italian Movement 5 stars Luigi Di Maio proposed to discuss in Parliament the impeachment of the President of Italy Sergio Mattarello, after he had actually vetoed the project of the government, which he suggested supported Д5З and the party “League” candidate Giuseppe Conte.

Informed Conte that Mattarella was commissioned to form a government and provide a list of Ministers has given the President the mandate. Fatal obstacle to the formation of the new Cabinet was the candidacy of the Minister of economy. “League”, which together with the Movement 5 stars advanced Conte as Prime Minister, insisted on the figure 81-year-old economist Paolo Savona, but Mattarella was not satisfied with his views on European monetary policy.

“I believe that the government crisis should be included in the agenda of the Parliament, using the 90 th article of the Constitution,” said Di Maio, the TV channel Rai1, calling the President’s actions “inexplicable”.

In the 90th article States that “the President of the Republic is not responsible for his actions at the head of the state, except in cases of treason and violations of the Constitution.”

After the impeachment, said Di Maio, Italy should hold new parliamentary elections: “the Italians want to give the word.”

To the requirements of the resignation of Mattarella joined right-wing party “Brothers of Italy”. “The President betrayed his people. We invite the Parliament to nominate his impeachment,” reads its statement.

For Mattarella stood the leader of the center-right party “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi. According to him, the 5 star Movement, speaking about the impeachment Mattarella, “as always, behaves irresponsible.”

In addition to Berlusconi the President’s action was supported by the leading representatives of the Democratic party: former Italian Prime Minister and ex-party Secretary Matteo Renzi has called a “threat Mattarello meanness”, and the current Director Maurizio Martina said that the President “defended the country, the Constitution and national interests.”