Arrested in the case of the “Winter cherry” firefighter sent for psychiatric examination to Moscow

Arrested in the case of the “Winter cherry” firefighter sent for psychiatric examination to Moscow

Defendant of the fire Kemerovo SEC “Winter cherry” captain of the guard Kemerovo firefighting and rescue unit № 2 by Sergei Genin sent to additional psychological and psychiatric examination.


This “b” said his lawyer Elena Kiseleva. “On Tuesday he was sent to Moscow, national medical research center of psychiatry and narcology of the Serbian name, there he would be 21 days,” said Ms. Kiseleva.

Sergei Genin will be placed in a separate compartment (so-called “strážné” Department.— “Kommersant”). The lawyer added that he could not divulge all the details, but that after the fire, the elimination of which was attended by her client, he observed, “certain psychological changes.”

“Now it is fairly compensated, it is, in my opinion, a good psychological state, he is not so upset about everything that had happened to him. And then, when he was examined by psychiatrists, it was immediately after hearing the appeal, his feelings were more associated with the detention and arrest, not with the situation of a fire, because the fire he had faced during the 22 years of his life, and was in the war,” explained Ms. Kiseleva..

He saw a lot of deaths, fires, burnt people. But still easy enough he could of these situations out. But the situation with the judicial system, a clear an obvious injustice to him, his emotionally shattered, he had suffered greatly.Elena Kiselevugol

She said that Sergei Genin sane, mental illness does not suffer, but that nevertheless to conduct additional psychological and psychiatric examination was recommended by the psychologist.

The lawyer added that her client a support. “He’s saying Hello and law students, and students-firefighters, which he taught in fire business, and witnesses, among which are many to the fire, no complaints,” said Elena Kiseleva. However, the fact that Mr. Genin sent across the country in handcuffs, bring him unnecessary negative emotion, Madame Kiselyov believes that in the case of extending the detention of Sergei Genin, the court makes is either absent, or by videoconference with the center of the Serbian.