Don’t lie to me. How does the Russian market of exposing the lies

Don’t lie to me. How does the Russian market of exposing the lies

Lie detector many are accustomed to consider as part of criminal records: the courts, the accused applying for the polygraph test to prove his alibi, but in fact more often used by employers. By law its use is, in fact, not regulated, but its demand among business people and ordinary people is not reduced. The boss checks his subordinates, suspected of theft, the jealous husbands sit down at the lie detector their wives to check their infidelity. The authors of samizdat talk to ordinary employees, bosses and experts polygraph to find out how the market exposure of lies in Russia.

Check and accept

To respond to the ad on popular online job search, perform a test, be interviewed by supervisor and HR — chain standard action is to jump on and a polygraph test. Most often it is required when an applicant claims for a position in the banking sector, trade, public structures. For example, employees of the Central Bank are required to undergo such a procedure — the Agency has even been adopted by the relevant internal document.

In Russia the legally polygraph has been used since 1994 (before that time was the prohibition) — it has been used in the sphere of interior. The polygraph as a method more than 100 years. It is widely used in the United States. In the book, Francis Lee Bailey’s “Defense never stops”, which tells about the history of the introduction of lie detector in the American judicial and investigative practice, says that in 1960-e years the American polygraph was enough for two days of training, to begin official operation. Since then, much has changed, including in Russia, which had a practice of polygraphs, and a polygraph. The passage of the polygraph in the Russian laws do not really spelled out, employers, lawyers and police, in fact, independently interpret this procedure, based only in internal acts. Despite the fuzzy legal status, outside of criminal records, the polygraph is used fairly often, both in private companies and in government agencies.

Maria passed the polygraph when she needed to get into one of the Russian state-owned companies for the position of sales Manager B2B (i.e. small and medium businesses, state agencies — from kindergartens and schools to police stations). As she explained, such testing need to check trustworthiness: suddenly Maria starts to enter into fictitious transactions and taking kickbacks.

“They asked a lot of strange and sometimes not on topic. For example, they asked how I feel about children and how much they want in the future, did I ever drugs, stealing, whether from their parents in childhood. I thought I completely failed the polygraph, because to worry about beginning at the stage of attachment of all necessary procedures for wires and other crap” — says Maria.

Wired, she honestly told about the criminal record, administrative penalties and as a child stealing in the village shop gum. To work it eventually took, but Mary had to leave her job after three months because it was “horribly boring work.”

“Has become stronger in thought that I was very nervous and that sometimes it’s better to tell the truth, even if it is ugly: it be not then ashamed of the fact that you got burned,” she concludes.

Sergei passed the polygraph twice. The first time he wanted to get in the Youth personnel reserve of the Smolny. From this list select employees for the civil service in St. Petersburg. Sergei asked questions about hard drugs and violations of the Criminal code, but according to him, stress is not caused. Much harder he had on another interview, when he decided to get a job in a Bank, in Management on work with problem debts. The conversation with the psychologist, the polygraph lasted four hours.

Pulled probably all the stuff that was. Starting with, how much and what I cut, when I worked as a bartender, ending when and what I tried of grass.

However, he believes that the Youth personnel reserve Smolny the inspection was justified, and before savings — clearly overkill. However, in both cases, he received what he wanted: joined the reserves and went to work in the Bank.

Ivan wanted to work for a company that focuses on Internet marketing.

With the lie detector he was confronted at the last stage of the interview. The examiner told him that the device is the same as that used in law enforcement. Sitting in a chair, he counted eight sensors, with which it is consolidated. Ivan did not take. He’s not upset because during the interview were not eager to apply for a job. Sensations of the procedure the applicant were not the most pleasant:

If I was stripped, raped, and then said something like, “get dressed and get out, whore.” When you don’t have the right to privacy, this is not so nice.

Ivan gave samizdat bad advice (based on practice), how to fool the unit: you need to stretch the muscles, when you answer the questions, the answers to which are you sure. And, conversely, to relax if you are lying. However, if there is no proper practice and if you don’t own physical and psychological condition at the level of Tibetan yoga, to outsmart the machine will not work.

Ivan explains that before the test the test must explain what this is about, until the list of questions. There’s a catch — the questions can be about one hundred (subject meets with no wires). And with the wires going to ask, for example, twenty. “Stupid machine twice thought I was lying when I told you the truth — this is ridiculous. Therefore, you can be honest, but nervous, and it will read out for lying. So I do not advise anyone to pass the detector itself and not tempted to contact him again,” warns the source of samizdat.

However, hard times is not only job seekers. Diana I of the International Academy of the study lies says that the polygraph is very quickly burn out. One colleague called her in the middle of the working day: “Can duplicate the test? I really don’t understand a person tells the truth or not. I already don’t trust myself”.

Suspicious employees

In the film, Ildiko Enyedi “body and soul” is an episode: at the slaughterhouse, one of the workers steals the bovine pathogen. The psychologist comes to all, to chat and to find out which of them stole the treasured liquid. Perhaps if it had been the polygraph, the investigation would have gone faster.

Anatoly manages one of the units in retail outlets. The polygraph in his company used in rare cases. For example, when very different testimony of employees about the theft. If we are talking about a large amount of damage and there is no other evidence that such testing is justified, he said. Massively employees usually don’t check — it’s too expensive and uncomfortable for subordinates. Such checks in the firm Anatoly has only happened a couple of times for fifteen years.

Anatoly is sure that the polygraph is not a panacea, but a subjective study. For example, in the court of the result of the check on the lie detector could not be the main evidence. The source of samizdat considers that the success of the study is based on a properly specified and formulated the questions. For example, if an employee is suspected of theft at a certain time in a certain place, the list of questions is clear in advance:

Were you at the warehouse from 13 to 14 hours? Did you take the box of goods at that time and exposed him?” Quite likely the answer is “Yes, of course I always get my hands on the boxes with the product and reveal them.” After all, it was his duty, and “jump” on the sensors may not be.

It is more difficult if the suspicion is no clear confirmation. For example, the head of the Department was long rumored that he demands bribes from contractors and works, as they say, “on rallies”, — Anatoly just had a similar case, which required a double check on a polygraph. The first revealed that the suspected head only takes “a variety of gifts, mostly luxury alcohol” for “close and productive cooperation”. But the second has shown that often these gifts were a large amounts of cash. The whole point was clearly articulated questions.

As a rule, check on the lie detector is preceded by serious preparation. Ivan trying to get into a marketing company, tells in detail about this process:

Before the test with the person conducting the interview. Questions before the study. Sometimes these, who will then check. Sometimes I “chase teas”. Most people on the “tea party” much to tell. Sometimes that is confessed at this stage. For a person with such a procedure a lot of stress. He did not report the results. Just escorted and say thank you. Then the employee passes the test, and then talking to him again, clarifying some points. All this together can take anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the number of questions.

If the employee has admitted to theft, then it is in the firm Anatoly then did not cooperate. By law, the employer has no right to dismiss the results of printing the studies, but the rejection of his passing with a high probability will still cause problems. “Your very consent generally should be a guarantee that you have nothing to hide, and then what you claim?” — asks the rhetorical question Anatoly.

Anatoly says that the quiet dismissal after passing the polygraph, as a rule, beneficial to both parties: the idea is that the employer is obliged to contact the police, but it is fraught with extraordinary validation documentation. Even if it is from the company “white”, the investigation can completely paralyze some of the processes because all will run and collect documents for the prosecution.

Academy of research lies and one truth

Alexander Lukin — former detective and now a polygraph examiner, a specialist in conducting special interviews and tests before employment. To work with the lie detector, he began in the Ministry in 2007 I took a refresher course, then conducted the first study. In 2014 he retired on superannuation. He now teaches at the International Academy of the study lies, conducts trainings in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, St Petersburg and in Kazakhstan. In his native Yaroslavl heads the regional office of the Academy. To him I appeal, banks and retail.

Meet the samizdat in the former he assigns St. Petersburg communal apartment near the Moscow railway station, whose room converted to a small audience. In Russia, Alexander came to teach a few people working with the equipment. In the next room his team full of mysterious transactions, a excitedly check on each other different research methods.

First, says Lukin, the examiner tries to find out the interlocutor the facts of biography, which the normal interview, not tell, — the same kind of stealing candy as a child. This is necessary in order to make the employer understand whether you can take the person to a position with financial responsibility.

Before conducting the research specialist spends a long preparation: study the biography of the interviewee, carefully is questions and adjusts equipment. The research process is recorded on video. With the test being discussed is discussed and the method that he was not afraid. For example, explain to him that the same question is asked several times. This is to ensure that the device started to follow the breath, skin reactions, heart rate. If the examiner ignores the algorithm and in a hurry, it is clearly run into a bug. There are contraindications: do not pass a polygraph, if a person taking powerful drugs, tired or ill.

The device costs from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles, and the standard cadre study, as he calls Lukin, will cost about three to three and a half thousand rubles, depending on what is required. A full investigation — from five thousand and above.

The market itself is the study of lies mixed. Then there is dumping, and violation of technology, and the need for a clear code of ethics.

For example, says Lukin, some private schools can announce that he had invented a new method of exposing the lies, and then go to the licensing bodies and certification. However, it says the source of samizdat, it makes no difference that the license: “We are dealing with a mentality and technique, which does not make sense to license, as it makes no sense to license Newton’s law”.

The main stream of queries it is willing to ensure the fidelity of a spouse.

According to Lukin, almost all polygraph examiners know each other and try to stick to the inside of the code. For example, they try not to contact with schools, training not only working with the lie detector, but the ways to cheat, don’t invite the staff of these schools at the conference.

The result of research depends not only on devices, methods, and experts, but from what the examiner is guided by professional principles or solely by a desire to make money fast. “The man was checking the girl for treason. We have rechecked the work of the previous examiner and came to different conclusions. When we looked at what was the work — was terrible. I wanted to ask: what are you doing, why did you go?” — outraged Alexander.

Some polygraph examiners have to dump, so the value decreases. “In the day you can test three people, maximum four. And some, I know, five manage to check. I per person spend half a day. And now the customer says to the examiner: a four thousand? And for three? And the examiner understands that if you do not agree, then the client will go elsewhere. As a result, these polygraph breaking technology,” — said Lukin.


Edward from “the TRUTH” (the acronym stands for “study of System Testing And Independent analysis”) also says that in this area many “left” people that are providing poor service, give unsubstantiated results. They have no documents about education, they do not know how to formulate questions and even more so — to make calculations. They conduct inspections in 30 minutes and immediately show the result. Clients usually do not understand the intricacies and purchased on a low price.

But the greedy pays twice, since then, having received the result “nothing”, they re-turn to us.

According to him, the main stream of requests from individuals from “the TRUTH” is willing to verify the fidelity of a spouse. However, the website is a more detailed list of situations that can come customers.