Called the unexpected benefits of chewing gum

Called the unexpected benefits of chewing gum

Chewing gum can contribute to weight loss if it to Munch on during the walk. To such conclusion the Japanese scientists from the Waseda University in Tokyo. Their study published in the journal of Physical Therapy Science.

The researchers studied 46 men and women aged 21 to 69 years. The first group of subjects chewed two pieces of gum while walking for 15 minutes. The second group instead of the gum gave a powder containing the same ingredients.

In both cases, the specialists measured the heart rate, distance traveled and energy consumption. It turned out that the participants of the experiment from the first group the heart rate was two times higher than that of the control group.

“Our research has shown that chewing gum while walking increased the distance and the energy consumption of middle-aged people, especially in older men,” concluded the study authors.

Due to methodological limitations the scientists were unable to calculate the exact amount of chewing. In their opinion, this factor should be taken into account in future studies for more accurate measurement.