The era of freedom. Putin has promised to increase the income of Russians

The era of freedom. Putin has promised to increase the income of Russians

In Russia the head of state promises to expand the “space of freedom” and to liberalize legislation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been traditionally made on Friday, may 25, during the plenary session at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. Along with it participation the meeting was attended by the President of France Emmanuel macron, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, Deputy Chairman of the PRC Wang Qishan and the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde.

The moderator of the plenary session was the chief editor of Bloomberg John Micklethwait, who immediately remembered that the leaders of the three countries that rose to the podium, represent a third of global GDP, and given the head of the IMF — and 100%.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech once said that Russia is acting and will act, on the basis primarily of its national interests, which is natural for any sovereign state. “But their interests can be promoted in different ways: either ignoring the others or respecting their partners”, — said the head of state.

In the world: sanctions “right and left”

He noted that now in the world there is the erosion of multilateral cooperation that took decades to build up. And the situation when “a rule is a violation of the rules,” threatens the world economy, systemic crisis. “The withdrawal of one of the parties to the contract from the legal field, the breakdown of agreements always means the significant risks and costs. It is an axiom of business practices,” said the President of Russia.

He noted that on a global scale is the behavior of States, particularly centers of power — is fraught with negative, destructive consequences. Especially now, when the disregard for existing norms and the loss of mutual trust can overlap the turbulence of change. That combination of factors can “lead to a systemic crisis that the world has ever faced” and “throw the world economy into a state of natural economy.”

The Russian President reminded that earlier in the course were the classical forms of protectionism, including additional import duties, technical requirements or hidden subsidies. And today we are talking about “the new edition of protectionism”, which uses obviously false pretext and links to the interests of national security.

“For what? To suppress competition or to extort concessions”, — said Putin.

He noted in his speech, in recent years a situation in which sanctions have become an official instrument of trade policy of some countries, while others are forced to adapt and take ‘mirror’ measures.

“Running the spiral of sanctions and restrictions only spins and beats all for more countries and companies, including those who were sure that they-the regime of trade restrictions ever be used will not” — said the head of state.

He noted that “arbitrariness and lack of control will inevitably cause the temptation to use tools limits the right and left in any case.”

Putin expressed the view that the framework for dealing with arbitrary announcement of sanctions may become the WTO, which, of course, not perfect, but amenable to improvement. “To refuse it without giving anything in return, to destroy the existing balance,” said the President of Russia. And stressed: “Today we do not need a trade war and no trade ceasefire and a full peace.”