Restorer’s chances to restore a damaged picture of Repin

Restorer’s chances to restore a damaged picture of Repin

MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. The picture of Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”, which is in the Tretyakov gallery has damaged drunk man, to be restored, said Deputy head scientific and restoration Center Grabar for research, teaching and exhibition work Olga Beauty.

Earlier official representative of Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk stated that on may 25 about 21 hours in the police from the security officer of the state Tretyakov gallery received the message about the damage to the painting. It was reported that an unknown man with a metal bar fence broke the glass of the picture and damaged the canvas. He is detained.

Beauty reminded that this is not the first act of vandalism suffered by the painting. She was damaged during the life of Repin, and then hit the canvas in the Center Grabar for the famous master Dmitry Theological. After the restoration even the artist himself could not find places where have been damaged.

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“Now the situation is, if you believe the description, is not such a tragic, there is still a background, clothing and original frame, which is certainly recoverable. You can close up these gaps, fill in the soil, apply toning in places scree paint layer,” said Beauty RIA Novosti.

According to her, it is difficult to determine how much time you will need to rebuild the picture, since the damage may be different. “You may need to dublyanka of the canvas, if the damage is significant part of the area of the picture. All this can be done, the restorers could do worse,” he added.