Putin explained to the heads of news agencies of the nine countries its position on key issues

Putin explained to the heads of news agencies of the nine countries its position on key issues

The President of Russia noted the importance of such conversations, as they allow you to answer questions that are of particular public interest.

SAINT PETERSBURG, may 26. /TASS/. The meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the heads of world news agencies on Friday evening was a continuation of the busy hours of the marathon events and talks, which was held by the Russian President on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum.

During the conversation, Putin explained in detail its position on key issues. As in previous years, the theme of the meeting covered a broad range of issues, Putin gave answers to all questions: from the looks of your presidency to relations with the US President, the prospects of concluding a peace Treaty with Japan and the situation around North Korea to the predictions on the outcome of the world Cup.

The conversation, organized by TASS, brought together representatives of news agencies from nine countries, including Russia. Putin said that such conversations are important and useful. “Such meetings have become traditional, unique site,” — said the head of state. According to the President, this format allows him to say “about his positions on the issues — and they tend to be of a fundamental nature, which present a major interest.”

Putin’s new presidential term

The Russian head of state said that he intends in the future to adhere to the law that prohibits one person to hold the office of President more than two consecutive terms.

“I have always strictly adhered to the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, — Putin said, Recalling that the basic law clearly stipulates that the President can hold the office no more than two consecutive terms. “Now I have a second consecutive term — And as you remember, I was twice before the President, and then resigned as President, because the Constitution did not allow elected for the third time. That’s all. And I intend to adhere to this rule in the future”, — assured the Russian leader.

Putin is correct about the price of oil

Russia believes the level of oil prices at $60 a barrel balanced, said the President of the Russian Federation. “When the price reached approximately 60 — 60 USD per barrel, in our opinion, it was well-balanced price sufficient in order to predict the necessary industry investment and to implement them”, — said Putin.

He added that prices above this level can cause “problems for consumers, what are the main producers too, not interested”. “So, that little surge that we have seen today, on the one hand, and the benefit goes to the Russian budget — we grow and the reserves, and last year the trade surplus amounted to 130 billion dollars. All this, on the one hand, positive elements, but on the other hand, we understand that growing and our competitors, including producers of shale oil in the US, they fill a certain part of the market”, — said Putin.

“We are not interested in the endless rise in energy prices, oil. If you asked me what price we consider fair, then I called you: fair — not fair, but we are quite satisfied with the price in 60 dollars for barrel”, — he concluded.