Meghan Markle got its own coat of arms

Meghan Markle got its own coat of arms

The wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex Megan after the wedding received its own coat of arms, which is made in a California style.


As explained in Kensington Palace, the coat of arms was created especially for the Duchess, his design was approved personally by Queen Elizabeth II and king of arms Heraldic chamber Thomas Vodacom.

“Her Royal Highness worked with arms over the design so that it was both personal and personable, — stated in the message. It is noted that the coat of arms were performed according to the heraldic rules: one of the holders of the shield should apply to the spouse and the other personally to the Duchess.

Siderately Meghan Markle — Warbler with open beak, symbolizing the power of communication. Prince Harry presents the traditional lion. The blue background of the emblem symbolizes the Pacific ocean, washing the coast of California, and two Golden beam, crossing the arms, imagine Sunny weather home state of Markle. Three feathers represent the communication and the power of words.

Harry and Megan were married on may 19 at Windsor castle. The groom gave the bride a ring, which previously belonged to his mother Princess Diana.