“Gazprom-media” will show ads in the subway

“Gazprom-media” will show ads in the subway

“Gazprom-media” and “Maximalism” has created a joint venture to sell online advertising. The corresponding agreement was signed today at the St. Petersburg economic forum.

“Gazprom-media” — the largest private media holding in Russia, he controls the air and pay channels, radio stations, car rental companies and so on. The holding company also co-owns a single seller of television advertising in the country the NRA and owner of seller’s regional and Internet advertising NSK.

“Maximalism” has a WiFi network in the subways of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other public transport. Users have access to this network either in exchange for viewing advertising or for a subscription.

SP operator and “Gazprom-media” will sell advertising on networks “Maximalism”, and also will place advertisements on not video resources of the company, stated in the message companies. What are the assets of the company referred to in the message is not specified.

The establishment of the joint venture is intended to enhance the monetization of Internet resources of the holding company and to strengthen the presence in the fast-growing market for mobile Internet advertising.Dmitry Chinesecompanies Director “Gazprom-media”

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