Citizens do not know the new Vice-premiers

Citizens do not know the new Vice-premiers

Reappointment premiere dissatisfied 45% of respondents FOM.

New Vice-premiers consider professionals 46% of Russians, 19% called them “incompetent”, from the data of poll of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM). Reassign Dmitry Medvedev on a post of the head of the government did not approve, 45% of respondents. The expert recalled that the Russian government traditionally less popular than the President because citizens primarily associate the social sphere.

The most unpopular Deputy Prime Minister was Vitaly Mutko, and 90% of people do not know who the new Deputy head of government Yuri Borisov, Maksim Akimov and Konstantin Chuichenko.

According to FOM, Vladimir Putin’s decision to reassign Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved 39% of Russians, 45% to his reassignment reacted negatively, and 17% were undecided. More approve (44%) among the respondents with secondary General education and lower among respondents with higher education 30%. The main claim to the Prime Minister is that there was “no change”, it is “bad work” during the previous term of office (answered 16% of those who did not approve the reassignment).

Opinions about the work of the government as a whole are almost evenly divided: 41% of citizens satisfied with it, 40% no (19% undecided). Satisfied most often (11%) noted a “good job overall” stability in the country and the absence of war (10%). “Bad work, there is no change for the better,” often meet unhappy citizens (15%). Russians are not very actively interested in the activities of the government: in 2015 the number of those who follow it “from time to time” increased from 46% to 49%. 27% watch “closely”, 23% — do not watch at all.