Vladimir Putin met with Emmanuel Macron

Vladimir Putin met with Emmanuel Macron

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron at the SPIEF said that relations between the two countries are developing, the continuing growth of trade.

“I want to thank you for what You have accepted our invitation to participate in the St. Petersburg forum. We use this opportunity to full discuss our bilateral relations, which are developing in spite of all the difficulties today, we have a growing trade turnover”, — quotes the words of Putin in a statement on the Kremlin website.

Mr. macron, in turn, noted that countries can dialogue and find solutions on such international issues as the situation in Ukraine, the middle East, Iran and Syria. “I think today is a time when we are two countries that have a special status — we are permanent members of the UN Security Council, we have deep historical ties, we have strong ties in the field of international politics. I believe that we can find a solution and work together on all fronts, whether it’s the Ukraine, middle East, Iran, Syria,” said Mr macron.