Kudrin compared the government with preparing to jump tiger

Kudrin compared the government with preparing to jump tiger

Moscow. May 25. INTERFAX.RU — the Head of audit chamber and head of the Center for strategic research (CSR) Alexei Kudrin has criticised the Russian government for indecision when ambitious tasks for the development of the country, but hopes that shortly the Cabinet will announce breakthrough reforms.

“I have the impression that (“may”) the decree of the President of this very ambitious task, and the government waits for them to answer,” said Kudrin, speaking at a business Breakfast of Sberbank, which is traditionally held in the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum.

In the last decade most government emphasized the President, and he said, “Wait, we have to be careful”. And today, the President sets this (high) hurdle, but the government thinks.Alex Makinglove of the accounting chamber

According to him, he had the impression that the government “is a tiger preparing to leap, and we soon learn about those breakthrough, advanced reforms”.

Kudrin noted that the Russian Federation remains unreasonably high share of the state in the economy, while the government has not taken decisive steps to promote competition. “It is important to say about the competition. I have not yet heard from the government any bold statements (on this subject). Except, perhaps, support for small and medium businesses,” he said.

But I know how discreet today is the government’s position in reducing the share of government in the economy. Maybe in the last year or two we had steps in the direction of increasing the share of the state in the economy, including purchases of larger companies.Alexei Kudrin, the head of audit chamber

The head of audit chamber noted that the government has already announced that it will raise the retirement age. “It is an inevitable structural measure, finally, she declared, and it can be said, bold move,” — said Kudrin.

As a positive decision, he noted the appointment of a separate Deputy Prime Minister for digital economy development and the formation of the Ministry for digital development, adding that it was the proposition of CSR.

However, he drew attention to the fact that not all offers of TSSR was included in the “may” decree of the President. “Let’s see what happens with the plan of the government,” — said Kudrin.

According to him, today was considered the approximately half of the proposals the centre.

But in my conversation with the President, he said that step by step we will look, in particular, and with the government what further steps of the reform or development can be taken into account.Alex Makinglove chamber helpto Catch up and overtake. How to solve economic problems in России18 may Vladimir Putin signed decrees on the appointment of the new government. The new Cabinet of Ministers to execute the decree of may 7, defines the purpose of development of Russia until 2024.Read more