Turkey put up for sale a antique city

Turkey put up for sale a antique city

MOSCOW, may 24 — RIA Novosti. Turkish ancient city Bargylia, located 30 kilometers from Bodrum, on sale for a little more than eight million dollars, according to ATOR.

Today in the city, with a history spanning two and a half thousand years, ruins of the amphitheater, the baths, the Acropolis and an abandoned monastery. Bargylia is in private ownership since 1927 and during that time not once was exposed to attacks of “black archeologists”: due to the lack of protection was also stolen an ancient mosaic.

For Sale: 330 acres in Turkey, a whole town (dating to 5th c BC) to dig in! https://t.co/KvlzEUZT5P only $8millionUSD @Nephys 🙂

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One of the owners of land, 87-year-old Husein Ucpinar, told Turkish media that the owners have spent many years trying to sell the land, as he is not able to defend the city.

Hoping to complete a deal soon, they recently reduced the cost more than one million dollars.

Ancient city for sale in Turkey | https://t.co/MBttPLsAqd

At the eye-watering price of 35 million lira ($8.3 million), the 2,500-year-old site contains an acropolis, an odeon, a church, a cemetery, and some city walls still standing.

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Despite the fact that the land under the city is in private ownership, Bargylia has the status of “archaeological monument of the first class”. This means that we cannot build a hotel or some other tourist site. However, Turkey does not rule out the possibility that the new owner can try to change the status to create in this place a resort or a Park under the open sky.

Attention buyers: 2,500-year-old ancient city of Bargylia, located in southern Turkey’s Muğla province is up for sale for $8.35 millionhttps://t.co/MAI1hDfQaE

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