The girl predicted the impending death of the attentions of a sinister birds

The girl predicted the impending death of the attentions of a sinister birds

While walking at the Saxon bird sanctuary young girl on the head dropped a large black cockatoo, which network took over the hero the works of Edgar Allan PoE, and called the harbinger of death. Photos and videos posted on Twitter boyfriend girlfriend.

At first, his followers did not believe in the authenticity of the picture and accused him in photoshop. But later the author posted the video, which shows that the bird is real.

a bird landed on my girlfriends head

— ? (@spreadterror) may 20, 2018

Feathered frightened users. “That’s the creepiest bird ever seen by me,” admits microblogger nick and Brother Dubb. “It’s the most Gothic thing I’ve ever seen. 11/10” — praised live @CTZNCorinthian. The bird called the “angel of death” and advised the girl to accept his fate.

here’s a vid LMAO

— name cant be blank (@ilovenicegrass) 21 may 2018

In the comments to the post, which became viral (photo shared 13 thousand people, and the video scored more than 270 thousand views), users started to idea why parrot has chosen as the landing place it was the head girl. “Because it is similar to perch,” jokes one of the users, hinting at her round glasses.

At some point, against a girl was showered with insults. It was called “the uglier the parrot,” but well-wishers have tried to bring down the degree of negativity and threw the girl compliments.

The heroine of the movie should not believe the fatal predictions, writes Mashable. Most likely, the cockatoo sat on her head, because he decided to say Hello.