Surfaced. How to become a Princess, if you’re a recovering addict, a waitress, and swimmer

Surfaced. How to become a Princess, if you’re a recovering addict, a waitress, and swimmer

Another European Prince married a girl of common blood: actress Meghan Markle became the wife of Prince Harry, grandson of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. A few years earlier, in 2011, his older brother Prince William married Kate Middleton, which also was not aristocratic ancestors. Nowadays it is not uncommon: many descendants of the Tsar prefer “protruding”.


Moreover, in the XX century the princes of different countries took to wife, not only girls and women for “decent jobs”, but avanturistic (the most notable of these was Wallis Simpson, a marriage which cost the British king Edward VIII crown, and reputation), as well as women who had problems with drugs (or with men who had such problems). However, the most spectacular Princess, perhaps derived from the former Actresses and athletes. “” chose six of the princesses of the XX and XXI century with unusual biographies.

Grace Kelly

Memoirists and authors ‘ authorised biographies of celebrities repeatedly complained that Hollywood movie star of the first magnitude for grace Kelly, the sex symbol of the 1950-ies and the present standard of female beauty has greatly paid off by becoming the wife of Monaco’s Prince Rainier III Grimaldi, — changed the title of uncrowned Queen of the screen on only the Prince. Kelly, who played only in ten films (but no!), was the award “Oscar”, the unofficial title of the Muse of the genius of Hitchcock and the highest fees among the Actresses of her time.

Grace is hardly a commoner, although she was born in America, where there are no titles. Her father was a very wealthy Philadelphia industrialist and building contractor, and his uncle, a playwright, Pulitzer prize winner, mother, before her marriage served as a model (her grace got the perfect figure and beautiful face of Snow Queen). With the birth of a girl brought up in the Catholic faith, which certainly played a role when the Catholic Rainier chose a bride.

They met in 1955 on the French Riviera, where Hitchcock filmed his third film with grace “to Catch a thief”. After him came just three pictures with the actress: becoming a Princess, she had completed her short (1952 to 1956) career. Wedding played two days: civil ceremony took place on 18 April, wedding — April 19, 1956. Married grace Kelly in a dress she sewed for the not in the fashion houses, but in the Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: the term of the contract the Studio with the actress at that time had not expired, and the employer controlled the image of their serving, even (or especially) the highest paid. Author modest fitted dresses with long lace sleeves and a closed collar, is more than decent according to Catholic standards, is a painter, costume designer, MGM Helen rose, who dressed the actress for the movies “the Swan” and “High society” (by the way, rose had two Oscars, more than grace herself).

The Princess gave birth to one after another of two children — Caroline Louise Marguerite (a year after the wedding) and albert Alexander Louis Pierre, now the Prince of Monaco albert II (a year later). Even seven years later was born the third child — Stefania Maria Elizabeth.

In its double star status of actress and Princess grace aroused the attention of reporters, including major media. So, on the cover of Time magazine appeared a picture of her where she disguises rounded pregnancy belly bag French house Hermès. The house he realized how lucky he was, and the model, got to the, ever since called Kelly (and it is recorded in the months-long queues and to this day). The birth of albert house has released a special handkerchief square with the coat of arms of the Principality.

Authors of numerous biographies of grace claim that, despite the title, wealth and fame, Princess grace was not a happy marriage, although her husband was a good looking older wives for six years. Anyway, the ex-star led a secular life, attended charity events, ordered the jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier. In 1982, the Princess had an accident (she, the former behind the wheel, had a stroke). As a result, grace was killed and her daughter Stefania, the former also in the car were injured.

After the death of the wife of Rainier III never remarried, and her youngest daughter behaved much freer than normal Princess: in particular, Stephanie married the first of his bodyguard, and then for a circus artist. We can say that the origin is not always plays a major role: their “commoner”-the mother was much more traditional Princess than her noble daughter.

Charlene Wittstock

Charlene, Princess of Monaco, wife of son of grace Kelly, Prince albert II of Grimaldi, a woman of quite low origin, but rather a titled — if we talk about sports titles. The first of these professional South Africa swimmer Charlene Lynette Wittstock won at 18 years of age, winning the championship of South Africa. Then followed a fifth place in the relay at the Olympics in Sydney, three gold medals at the world Cup 2002 and other awards of lesser dignity. At the Beijing Games Charlene did not go: the official version — trauma, non — small chance for a decent place.

In 2006, the future Princess has replaced the humble position of school teacher at home coaching in tiny, but fashionable, stuffed with millionaires, the Principality of Monaco. It was quite a strategic move, but hardly even Charlene are expected to what “fish” it will be able to swim in the main final of his career. After moving to Europe, a young woman visited the competitions in Turin, where he met his casual acquaintance for sports — the Prince albert II of Monaco, and this time the meeting had quite a matrimonial consequences.

However, the consequences of these came not at once. The first years of relationship Charlene and albert are not too advertised, but in 2011 the Prince had come along with 33-year-old former swimmer at an official ceremony of wedding of British Prince William and Kate Middleton. After that, it was just to officially announce the engagement, and that was done just a couple of months later.