“Soyuzmultfilm” wants to make a continuation of the cartoon about a parrot Kesha

“Soyuzmultfilm” wants to make a continuation of the cartoon about a parrot Kesha

The company “Soyuzmultfilm” plans to shoot a new series of the animated series about the adventures of a parrot Kesha. About it RBC were informed by the CEO Yuliana Slascheva told me about the new image that the multipliers developed for the parrot.

“We’re doing a pilot episode. And if it happens, start production of the series and then a feature film, — said Ms. Slascheva.— One of the ideas is to make caches of modern Stendera. He, in fact, always were.”

In the case that the “Soyuzmultfilm” will remove the continuation of the series about the Cache, it will be the first commercial feature film company, said Ms. Slascheva. According to her, the company already has a detailed synopsis of the film, written by the author of the original series “return of the prodigal parrot”. After the implementation of this project will be decided on the launch of a new feature-length cartoons, said the representative of “Soyuzmultfilm”.

This is not the first attempt at “Soyuzmultfilm” to make a new series of popular Soviet cartoons. So, on April 1 on the official channel in YouTube appeared the first series of continuation of the popular cartoon “Buttermilk”, based on the works of Eduard Uspensky. The writer himself after the cartoon accused the Studio of plagiarism, Recalling that the rights to the characters belong to him. Later “Soyuzmultfilm” offered Mr. assumption 5 million rubles for the purchase of ownership rights to the uncle Fedor and his friends, but the writers refused. In the second half of April, the writer sued the company statements to the audit chamber, the Prosecutor General’s office and the Investigative Committee.