People become unhappy, regularly dining alone, researchers found

People become unhappy, regularly dining alone, researchers found

MOSCOW, may 23 — RIA Novosti. Eating alone largely contributes to the fact that a person becomes unhappy. These are the results of a study conducted by Oxford Economics for the company Sainsbury’s.

The experts interviewed more than eight thousand adult British. They measured self-esteem, level of happiness, satisfaction and worry on a scale from 0 to 100. Respondents who always ate alone, scored 7.9 points less than those who constantly prefer to have it.

This factor has had a greater impact on the level of well-being than financial problems and physical disabilities.

It was also found that live chat has a direct impact on the level of happiness, while exchanging information in a digital world (SMS, email) — no.

Three other important factors which have the greatest influence on the wellbeing of people — the quality of sexual life, sleep quality and lack of lack of time.

Among the respondents, most people never snacking alone, was among pensioners and householders (over 60%).

Those who almost always eats alone, most of the people working 60 hours a week.

People who are in relationships, only 13% eat alone in “most cases”. Among those who lived alone, 19% eat alone “all the time”.

“The quality of our relationships and the opportunity to spend time together physically, but not at the expense of digital devices, it can significantly affect how well we live: nothing compares with the power of simple human communication”, — commented the results of the research one of the leaders of Sainsbury’s Mike cope.