Italy got a premiere scientist

Italy got a premiere scientist

Italian President Sergio Mattarella has provided the mandate to form a government Professor at the University of Florence Giuseppe Conte. For this solution, the President was taken two days since, when the leader of the right “League” Matteo Salvini and the head of the populist movement “Five stars” Luigi Di Maio proposed the candidature on a post of the head of the Cabinet. This pause can be explained by the doubts of Mr Mattarella’s political independence and competence of Giuseppe Conte. The first test of the new Premier will be very soon, when he will have to defend to the President the list of candidates for Ministerial posts, including a lot of skeptics.

The name of Paolo Conte, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio was nominated for the post of Prime Minister, was made on Monday, during consultations of the leaders of the “League” and the movement “Five stars” with President Sergio Mattarella (for him, according to the Italian Constitution, has the final say in choosing the Prime Minister).

To overcome the government crisis, both leaders were forced to abandon claims to the post of head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

All last week they were in search of a “third party” for this post, but also agreeing on a common programme for the future of the coalition government.

54-year-old Giuseppe Conte is an associate Professor at the University of Florence, where he teaches private law. One time he was a supporter of the Democratic party, but then became friendly with “pyatizvezdnaya”, so despite the fact that his candidacy appeared in the list of the Cabinet, which is a populist movement is released before the elections.

As the strengths of the new Prime Minister mentioned his foreign experience, namely, teaching at the Sorbonne, Cambridge and new York University (it is, however, in the last two days has been refuted by the aforementioned educational institutions).

Meanwhile, administrative and political experience as well as experience in elected office, Mr. Conte has not.

In addition, many Italian experts were troubled by the way in which appeared this candidate, a compromise for the “League” and “Five stars”. Professor of political science of the Naples University. Frederick II Mauro the Colosseum in conversation with “Kommersant” questioned the political independence of Giuseppe Conte, the post of Prime Minister.

In an argument, he cites the fact that the future Prime Minister did not participate in any election campaign, nor in the design of government programs.

“This is a technical Prime Minister, who is trying to pass for political”, — says the expert.

Such doubts existed among the President, Sergio mattarella, the that the next day, after consultation with Messrs Di Maio and I wanted to have a talk with the speakers of Senate and chamber of deputies Casellati Elisabetta and Roberto Fico. And then another whole day of pulling with the announcement of the decision.