Guests of the Royal wedding sell their gifts online

Guests of the Royal wedding sell their gifts online

Some of the guests decided to earn additionally on a historical event

May 19, British Prince Harry married an American actress Meghan Markle. However, even after the wedding, fans of the Royal family are still in a state of mild hysteria and trying to jump into the last car of a departing train, buy up everything associated with the wedding. This willing to use the selected guests of the event received not only invitations to be on the same scale, but also small Souvenirs.

The next day after the Royal wedding online on various sites appeared the announcement of the sale of the “wedding bag”, which contains a postcard, a magnet, a large chocolate coin, a bottle of water from Windsor castle, map of events, discount in the gift shop and a couple of nice touches with the wedding date and the initials of the newlyweds.

Everything inside the Royal Wedding gift bags

— The Sun (@TheSun) May 22, 2018

Such gift packages received all 1200 are not VIP guests, who could watch the wedding from close range.

Royal wedding guests are selling their boring gift bags on eBay for thousands

— Colin Jones (@IAmSellingToday) May 23, 2018

According to the journalists, at least 30 people from this number have decided to sell their gift sets.

Buyers are willing to pay for a full set of 30 thousand dollars, individual Souvenirs can cost from $ 500.

So people are selling there Official Royal Wedding Gift Bags at high prices on EBay and I just found the highest bidder. Fml??

— Abi Jeffery Hounslow (@absterflops) May 23, 2018

Collectors, it seems, still can not move away from the wedding hysteria. Some even pay 5 dollars for a PDF file with the schedule of the event, although it can be absolutely free to download from the web site of the Royal family.