Experts of the Ministry of culture chose the Russian foreign cartoon

Experts of the Ministry of culture chose the Russian foreign cartoon

“Beautiful Prince” will be released not before the end of June.

The expert Council on the issuance of licences under the Ministry of culture encouraged the officials to allow the Prime Minister of American-canadian cartoon “the Fine Prince” not before June 28, told “Vedomosti” two members of the Council.

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The Russian distributors of the cartoon about the Prince, “Volga”, was planned to start the show a month earlier, on may 24. But the same date in the Russian hire leaves a cartoon film “Sadko” from the Studio of STV, and the experts decided to give a priority to him. The final decision on the date will take the Ministry of culture. Before the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has already said that will not allow the premiere of “Dearest Prince” along with “Sadko”.

“Volga”, explained its representatives, is unprofitable to carry the film for June: now start in the school holidays children have more time to go to the movies, but they haven’t gone on vacation.

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Russian officials regularly declare their support for the national cinema, in particular that cinemas in Russia should give preference to local releases. Earlier, the officials did not have real opportunities to influence the movie: the premiere date was chosen by the distributors, and the Ministry of culture could only refuse to show a particular film in the country and not to give it a rental license (this document acts as permission to show movies). Foreign movies account for 80% of cinkasse in Russia.

In 2016, the Ministry of culture has introduced a new column in the rolling identity, which specifies the allowed release date. In most cases this is the date requested by the distributor. But if Prime Minister major foreign release is the same date that domestic film event, explained Medina, foreign release will have to choose another time.

The Ministry of culture, according to its own rules, has the right to refuse a requested date, if at the same time in cinemas is the film of a similar genre or theme.

The priority in this situation is given to the distributors, who had submitted documents to the Ministry of culture, as happened with the “Sadko” and “Dearest Prince,” said Medinsky: distributors Russian cartoon company “Our cinema” has addressed in the Ministry of culture for the distribution certificate before the “Volga”.

One of the most famous cases of transfer of the rental everything was the same “Volga”. In mid-January, officials suddenly announced to distributors that carry the screening of the animated film “Paddington 2” for two weeks in February. It happened just a few days before the scheduled premiere of the cartoon. Officials explained that he did it for the support of the Russian paintings that had a good start in the new year holidays. Against the transfer was the other Russian producers, whose films came out in February. A few days later the Ministry of culture has returned to “London-2” past the opening.

The Ministry of culture informally warned Disney that it is not allowed for the comics “the Avengers: infinity war” during the may holidays. Cinema officials proposed a compromise: to show “the Avengers” for the holidays, but to remove them from display on the Victory Day on 9 may.

In the hard rules of the transfer date, the Ministry of culture has provided a loophole. If two distributors have filed documents on the same date, the decision of whom to give priority, can not take the officials and the companies themselves. To do this, they are encouraged to negotiate and notify about the results of the Ministry of culture. “Volga” also has offered to hold talks with “Our movie”. But, as explained by “Vedomosti” the Manager of a major rental company, it is not clear that in this situation, “Volga” was able to offer a direct competitor, which already has a rental license for the desired date.