Why we should all eat at least one egg a day

Why we should all eat at least one egg a day

Eating at least one egg a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To such conclusion the British scientists on the basis of the results of a study conducted in China, which was attended by about half a million people.

Scientists believe that the eggs in the daily human diet — the guarantee of health.

The study is published in the journal Heart, the article traces all the stages of studying the influence of eggs on human health (there is a risk of Salmonella, and the effects of eggs on cholesterol levels).

Bi-bi-si versed in the egg issue.

How many eggs can you eat?

Many doctors now believe that the presence of eggs in the daily diet is part of diet health. And explain this by the fact that eggs are one of the busiest on the content of nutrients of food. Eggs contain lots of protein, vitamins a, D, B and B12, lutein and zeaxanthin which promote vision.

Eat one or two eggs a day is great. They should not be afraid.Dr. Frankie Phillipsramsey dietetic Association

He, however, warns — eggs should not be abused like any other food. High in protein, and excess protein puts an unnecessary burden on the kidneys.

In the light of new evidence about the impact of eggs on cholesterol British Foundation heart health declined from its 2007 recommendations about eating more than 3 eggs a week.

So, cholesterol

Despite the fact that eggs contain cholesterol, and the amount of other food has a more significant impact on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The level of cholesterol is influenced by saturated fats, not eggs, so it is important how you prepare the eggs.

One medium size egg contains about 4.5 grams of fat — about a teaspoon. And only a quarter of this amount is saturated fat. However, if you eat the egg with the oil, it will be another story.


Former Minister of health, UK Edwina Curry will always be associated with the theme of salmonellosis. In December 1988, she said that the vast majority of eggs produced in Britain are contaminated with Salmonella. In the end, this statement led to her resignation.