The Russians called the most famous Vice-Premier in the new government

The Russians called the most famous Vice-Premier in the new government

MOSCOW, may 23 — RIA Novosti. Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation on construction and regional development Vitaly Mutko is leading in popularity ranking Deputy Prime Ministers of the new government heard of it 73% of Russians, from the data of poll of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

“The most well-known among the announced Vice-President of the government of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko are (as the survey showed, heard of it 73% of Russians), Tatiana Golikova (67%), first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov (56%), Dmitry Kozak (56%). The last lines of the ranking are never included in the number of Vice-premiers Maxim Akimov (22%), Yuri Borisov (22%), Konstantin Chuichenko (14%)”, — stated in the materials of the survey.

According to the survey, the attitude of the majority of Vice-premiers of the new government the Russians have a rather positive than negative. The balance of negative assessments Mutko is 29% positive and 17%. The percentage of positive responses on the question about the attitude of Russians to Tatyana Golikova, below others in Konstantin Chuichenko (3%).

“A dozen Deputy Prime Ministers of the new government was rather positive assessments of the Russians: most of them are people known for his work in Federal government, only three of them know little (which is more to do with “non-public” profile of their activities and hardware in case Chuichenko and Akimova and power in the case of Borisov). The balance of negative and positive ratings is clearly in favor of the Vice-premiers, “a minus” have left only Vitaly Mutko (obviously in connection with the recent failures of the Russian sports on the world stage), while the remaining have considerable credibility. How long it will continue and how it will be used — depends on the programme of action of the new Cabinet which we all look forward to,” commented the survey data, the General Director of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov.