Ransomware is two years held at Bay village in Transbaikalia

Ransomware is two years held at Bay village in Transbaikalia

Moscow. May 23. INTERFAX.RU — IN the TRANS-Baikal region sent a criminal case to trial against 20 members of criminal group which for two years kept in awe the settlement Mogzon, reports a press-service regional UMVD. On account of the accused of dozens of thefts, extortion, robbery and beating of the victims, the report said.

According to the press service, one of the victims, the accused was taken to the cemetery, where they demanded to give them your Bank card and name pin.

The activities of the group prevented employees of Interdistrict Department on struggle against organized crime regional Ministry of internal Affairs in the fall of 2015.

To gather evidence, the staff of Investigative management of UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge held dozens of investigation, has interviewed over 100 victims and witnesses. For the period of the preliminary investigation leader and active members of the group were detained.

Asked to send some criminal proceedings were instituted under article 158 of the criminal code (theft), article 163 of the criminal code (extortion) and article 161 of the criminal code (robbery).