No brakes. Boris Johnson has threatened to tighten sanctions against Russia after brexit

No brakes. Boris Johnson has threatened to tighten sanctions against Russia after brexit

London believes effective sanctions Donald trump against Russian oligarchs, but notes that it has its own schemes and approaches.

London with envy looks at the ability of the President of the United States Donald trump single-handedly to impose restrictions against Russian oligarchs and hopes that the UK’s exit from the EU the country will allow for more decisive sanctions policy, without agreeing it with Brussels. This was stated by the British Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson on the way to a meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries “Big twenty” in Buenos Aires.

During the flight to Argentina Johnson told journalists that carefully follow the sanctions that the trump introduced on 6 April against seven Russian billionaires, 15 companies and several close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, may 22, Bloomberg.

The British foreign Secretary noted that the impact of some of these sanctions, especially on individuals, was very noticeable, and he took note. “But we have our own schemes and approaches,” stressed Johnson.

He also noted that there is a broader question about what can the UK in order to deal with confidants to President Putin by people whose status is illegal or was obtained illegally.

British foreign Minister lamented the fact that the United Kingdom can not develop its own sanctions regime, as has to coordinate with the rest of the European Union.

But he said that when the UK leaves the EU in March 2019, “she will be able to take a tougher line.”

About the fact that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has cancelled his trip to Buenos Aires, Johnson said: “I don’t know why Lavrov did not arrive. He had the opportunity to hear my views. But, obviously, he decided that he didn’t want them to hear.”

(Previously, on 19 may, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that Lavrov will not go to Argentina and Cuba because of activities of the government. At the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires Russia will be represented at the level of Deputy Minister).

Boris Johnson did not answer the question about the owner of London football club Chelsea, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who is unable to return to the UK due to delays with visa extensions.

His investor visa Tier 1, which is given at 40 months, expired, when he was outside the UK. The billionaire was forced to request a new visa under new tougher rules, which came into force on 15 April 2018.