MN370 search will end on may 29

MN370 search will end on may 29

Experts believe the collapse of the Boeing technical disaster.


SYDNEY, may 23. /Offset. TASS Pavel Vanichkin/. Australian experts, who for nearly three years unsuccessfully waged in the Indian ocean in the search for the missing 2014 Malaysian Boeing 777 (MH370), continue to assume that the cause of the crash of the airliner was not a deliberate act decided to commit suicide pilot, and technical problems. About this informed the head of the search team at the Australian Bureau of transport security (ABBT) Peter Foley, speaking at a hearing in the Federal Parliament.

The last time Australian audiences once again began to show to this mysterious disaster attention. Recently, several well-known independent experts made in the local media with the statement that the cause of the crash “Boeing” were the actions of captain Zahari Ahmad Shah, “committed the act of mass murder and suicide.” One of the most active supporters of this hypothesis is the authoritative expert in the field of civil aviation, the canadian Larry Vance, excerpts from new books which “MH370 — a mystery solved” (MH370 Mystery Solved) last week was published in the newspaper The Australian. In proof of his theory of Vance brings a lot of evidence, but one of the most compelling finds detection in the Mozambique channel of a flaperon (a control surface of an aircraft wing). According to him, the preservation of the flaperon relatively intact is impossible with a plane crash into the water from a great height — in other words, the plane collapsed, and made a gradual decline into the ocean.

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